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recall, recollect, try to remember, call back, phone up, retrieve, Assume - recall information from memory; Use a recollection; "I can't keep in mind stating any these types of point"; "I can't Imagine what her final identify was"; "can you try to remember her cell phone number?"; "Does one understand that he the moment beloved you?"; "phone up Reminiscences"

Yesterday at 8:03 PM ••• J jaybronj garytemple6 jaybronj wrote on garytemple6's profile. Hi Gary, is it possible to notify me what ST signifies? I see it all around the community forums but I don't comprehend. I know this means shorter time, but what is brief time?

Customer reviews online have become A significant Think about enterprise reputation and model graphic as a consequence of the recognition of TripAdvisor, Yelp, and online review Internet sites.

It talks about overall performance, trustworthiness, high-quality defects, if any, and value for funds. Purchaser review, also called 'phrase of mouth' and 'person created content material' differs from 'marketer created content' in its evaluation from client or consumer standpoint. Often it consists of comparative evaluations in opposition to competing merchandise. Observations are factual together with subjective in mother nature. Consumer review of sellers generally comment on service skilled, and dependability or trustworthiness of the vendor. Generally, it responses on variables such as timeliness of supply, packaging, and correctness of delivered things, delivery expenses, return expert services versus claims designed, and so forth.

think back again, remember - recapture the previous; indulge in Reminiscences; "he remembered how he accustomed to choose bouquets"

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: linked to, served by, or accessible through a process and particularly a pc or telecommunications procedure (for example the online world) an online databases also : finished when connected to such a method online procuring online game titles online seeking

Intelligent Vocabulary: relevant text and phrases Judgments and analyses Evaluation appraisal appraisee assessment development court docket of equity heed effect assertion interpretation occupation analysis judgment detect press ranking self-assessment star analyze takedown tbf time-and-motion analyze See additional final results »

Following positioning Kirk inside a mobile by herself, she says one particular LAPD officer “asked to provide him a 5 star Yelp review.”

A jurisdictional review was performed to decide whether the laws contravened the Constitution.

Clever Vocabulary: similar text and phrases Previous and introducing announce antedate beat build-up countdown curtain-raiser emcee forerunner introduction introductory lead guide approximately sth direct-in open up open up the door to sth idiom preface preliminary prelude reintroduce usher See more success »

Mindy Kaling is usually a fresh Vogue India deal with star, but there was a moment once the Mother of two considered stating no to The chance. Read on to the actress' relatable motive.

In the course of her Billboard Woman from the Calendar year interview, Cardi B candidly spoke about residing in her fact and embracing the entirety of her womanhood.

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