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rank - total and without restriction or qualification; in some cases utilised informally as intensifiers; "complete independence"; "an complete dimwit"; "a downright lie"; "out-and-out mayhem"; "an out-and-out lie"; "a rank outsider"; "a lot of correct-down vices"; "bought the job by sheer persistence"; "sheer stupidity"

vi to rank among → zählen zu; to rank over/under anyone → bedeutender/weniger bedeutend als jd sein; (athlete) → leistungsmäßig über/unter jdm liegen; (officer) → rangmäßig über/unter jdm stehen; to rank superior amongst the globe’s statesmen → einer der großen Staatsmänner sein; he ranks high amongst her buddies → er hat eine Sonderstellung unter ihren Freunden; it ranks with the top movies with the decade → es zählt zu den besten Filmen des Jahrzehnts; he ranks as an awesome composer → er gilt als großer Komponist; to rank 6th → den 6. Rang or Platz belegen

There exists a notion of rank for sleek maps concerning clean manifolds. It's equivalent to the linear rank with the derivative. Matrices as tensors[edit]

5. Games Any from the rows of squares operating crosswise for the files on a taking part in board in chess or checkers.

rank - position in a social hierarchy; "the British tend to be more aware about social position than Americans are"

six : any of the series of lessons of coal dependant on escalating alteration with the guardian vegetable matter, escalating carbon written content, and growing fuel price

Image credits Try out a quiz now Extra meanings of rank All rank and file taxi rank rank outsider rank-and-file adjective, at rank and file rank-dimensions rule taxi rank, at cabstand rank-sizing regulation, at rank-size rule See all meanings Phrasal Verbs rank as

A essential lead to linear algebra would be that the column rank and also the row rank are constantly equivalent. (Two proofs of this end result are supplied in § Proofs that column rank = row rank, beneath.

The rank of the is equal to r if and provided that there exists an invertible m × m matrix X and an invertible n × n matrix Y this sort of that

the ranks of sth The deal may help them sign up for the ranks from the founded leaders within the cell phone current market.

third - adhering to the next place in an buying or collection; "a distant 3rd"; "he answered the initial query willingly, the second reluctantly, and the 3rd with resentment"

, "US resorts are adapting to a completely new regular of skiing during the pandemic," eighteen Oct. 2020 Monetary chiefs within the euro spot, Japan as well as U.K. had been united inside their concern about their economies within an online seminar Rafeeg hosted by the Group of 30. — Piotr Skolimowski,

"If I were a youthful Woman in your personal rank of daily life," she went on, "I may have thanked you for shelling out me a compliment, and possess given you a serious solution.

A non-vanishing p-minimal (p × p submatrix with non-zero determinant) exhibits which the rows and columns of that submatrix are linearly impartial, and so People rows and columns of the full matrix are linearly impartial (in the full matrix), Therefore the row and column rank are at least as massive as the determinantal rank; even so, the converse is less clear-cut. The equivalence of determinantal rank and column rank is really a strengthening of the assertion that if the span of n vectors has dimension p, then p of People vectors span the Area (equivalently, that one can choose a spanning set That could be a subset of the vectors): the equivalence implies that a subset of your rows in addition to a subset on the columns simultaneously outline an invertible submatrix (equivalently, In the event the span of n vectors has dimension p, then p of these vectors span the Place and there's a set of p coordinates on which They're linearly impartial).

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