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US and Canadian the process of rereading a subject matter or notes on it, esp in planning for an examinationAlso termed (in Britain and specific other nations around the world): revision

review - a proper or Formal assessment; "the platoon stood Completely ready for review"; "we needed to look ahead to the inspection before we could use the elevator"

: an act of meticulously investigating or analyzing the standard or affliction of anything or someone : assessment or inspection

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Clever Vocabulary: linked terms and phrases Preceding and introducing announce antedate beat Establish-up countdown curtain-raiser emcee forerunner introduction introductory guide direct around sth lead-in open up open up the door to sth idiom preface preliminary prelude reintroduce usher See more success »

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In the midst of my journey from Churchhill I had ample leisure for reflection to the current state of our affairs, and each review has served to persuade me which they demand a delicacy and cautiousness of conduct to which We have now hitherto been way too small attentive.

A criticism is really a judgment, typically in an report, possibly favorable or unfavorable or both of those: a criticism of the proposed plan. The phrases are interchanged when referring to motion photographs or theater, but review indicates a rather fewer official solution than criticism in referring to literary works: movie reviews; play reviews; e-book reviews.

Invoice of review - a proceeding brought to obtain an explanation or an alteration or a reversal of a decree from the court that rendered it

Intelligent Vocabulary: associated phrases and phrases Analysing and evaluating adjudication analyse analyser analyst consideration get a line on sb idiom go by sth go on sth go over go through sth inquiry choose evaluate evidence scrutinize scrutiny seeking searchingly market sb/by yourself/sth quick idiom the acid examination See far more results »

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the process of meticulously examining a predicament to find out no matter if modifications or advancements need to be designed:

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