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can be a quite common word which might be used in a number of contexts. Most of its employs manage the position of someone or a thing in relation to Many others.

, "Fire and Law enforcement Fee plans to pick out new Main by early December," three Sep. 2020 These illustration sentences are selected mechanically from many online news sources to reflect present use on the word 'review.

[ C ] a short write-up that someone writes expressing their view about anything like a new products or services:

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It talks about efficiency, reliability, excellent defects, if any, and price for funds. Customer review, also called 'word of mouth' and 'person produced material' differs from 'marketer generated information' in its evaluation from customer or person perspective. Often it incorporates comparative evaluations from competing items. Observations are factual as well as subjective in character. Buyer review of sellers usually comment on service professional, and dependability or trustworthiness of the vendor. Typically, it comments on things for example timeliness of delivery, packaging, and correctness of sent products, shipping and delivery fees, return providers against claims produced, etc.

rank - a row or line of individuals (especially soldiers or police) standing abreast of each other; "the doorway was guarded by ranks of policemen"

: to possess a particular position in a gaggle of individuals or things that are being judged according to quality, means, sizing, etcetera.

The fact that the column and row ranks of any matrix are equal sorts is essential in linear algebra. We present a few proofs of the final result. The main is brief, employs only simple Attributes of linear combos of vectors, and is particularly legitimate about any discipline.

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The salesperson with the next best SalesYTD is ranked quantity a few, simply because There are 2 rows which have been ranked better. Therefore, the RANK operate won't always return consecutive integers.

A lot is left unexplained as to why the kids are there and whom precisely Dr. Reyes works for — the characters briefly mention Professor X’s mutant academy — yet there’s anything so generic in regards to the set up and scenarios that the intrigue only carries us to this point.

occur up from/throughout the ranks during the front rank of the 1st rank pull rank rise with the ranks taxi rank the rank and file

The rank of A equals the volume of non-zero singular values, that's the same as the volume of non-zero diagonal aspects in Σ within the singular benefit decomposition A = U Σ V ∗ displaystyle A=USigma V^ *

analytical review - an auditing procedure based on ratios amongst accounts and tries to recognize considerable alterations

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