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legislation, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes regard for that legislation"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to permit independence whilst enforcing purchase"

analytical review - an auditing procedure dependant on ratios among the accounts and attempts to establish important adjustments's editors and contributors have several years of practical experience at a lot of the major sites in automotive info, supplying genuine-planet comments and useful suggestions to new automobile consumers. They've driven the vehicles, adjusted the seats, checked out the cargo space, configured the info screens - and they are ready to share what they've realized.

Locate the ideal auto insurance plan costs and bargains for new and youthful motorists. Cost-effective insurance coverage insurance policies are offered for good college students, and also for teenagers who've had incidents.

: linked to, served by, or obtainable via a method and particularly a computer or telecommunications program (which include the world wide web) an online databases also : completed though connected to this kind of method online browsing online games online seeking

proof indicating that dynamic structural interactions concerning astrocytes and synapses have an affect on hippocampal synaptic physiology, actions, and sickness. Within the Cambridge English Corpus  

1. Review, criticism imply mindful evaluation of anything, formulation of the judgment, and assertion on the judgment, commonly in prepared sort. A review is often a survey more than a whole topic or division of it, or Specifically an write-up producing a vital reconsideration and summary of one thing composed: a review of the most recent ebook on Chaucer.

Present small business frameworks and methodologies are analysed inside the review showing up in Area two on the book.

Right after inserting Kirk in a mobile by herself, she suggests a single LAPD officer “questioned to give him a five star Yelp review.”

C1 [ T ] to think or speak about anything all over again, in order to make modifications to it or to produce Rafeeg a choice over it:

Intelligent Vocabulary: associated phrases and phrases Analysing and assessing adjudication analyse analyser analyst thought obtain a line on sb idiom go by sth go on sth go above endure sth inquiry decide evaluate proof scrutinize scrutiny seeking searchingly market sb/by yourself/sth limited idiom the acid take a look at See additional effects »

Good Vocabulary: similar words and phrases and phrases Finding out & realizing a quick analyze idiom absorptive ability assimilate autodidact autodidactic cram Minimize heathen identified significant osmosis set it down to expertise idiom reacquainted receptive retraining rub sit below sb research swot The varsity/College of daily life idiom See much more results »

In any scenario, I welcome the dialogue as Section of the review of the impending slate that we're undertaking tomorrow.

: a journal loaded mostly with reviews and posts that describe the writer's feelings or views a few issue

analyse, assess, analyze, examine, canvass, canvas - contemplate in detail and subject to an Assessment as a way to find crucial attributes or meaning; "analyze a sonnet by Shakespeare"; "review the proof within a criminal demo"; "assess your true motives"

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